Charcoal Companion CC3001 Non-Stick Reversible Roasting,Rib Rack These are great, use them one way to hold roasts and larger cuts of meat or flip them over to hold ribs vertically for more even heating.
Outset F234 Leather Grill Gloves Must have tool for the grill - instantly check food for internal temperature and remove it before it's overcooked. Good price on this.
Professional-Grade Chef's Tongs (6441) Stainless Good priced remote thermometer. Insert the probe in larger cuts of meat and take the remote with you. Must have.
Bodum Fyrkat Barbeque Oversized Spatula, Black Good priced leather gloves (with the fingers!) compared to some of the others on the market. Don't go for mitts, use gloves.
Charcoal Companion CC4040 Electric Charcoal Starter Good quality BBQ tongs, these are nice because you pull the ring at the end and they expand open wider. Strong grip.
Designers Edge L-872 24 LED BBQ and Task Light Get a long handled spatula. I also use their Fyrkat mini-charcoal bbq and it's very cool.
Charcoal Companion CC4037 Nonstick Large Size Smoker Box with Hinged Lid Don't use liquid charcoal lighter, these lighters only take a few minutes to get your bbq going.
Napoleon 56021 Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Roaster Flex head grill lights are great if where you cook is poorly lit.