The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark The book that started many a skeptic on their journey. If you don't own this book and/or haven't read it yet, you are missing out, my friend. Buy this book ri
The Faith Healers James Randi's expose (imagine a little accent over last "e" there) of faith healers. What's that? You haven't read this book? *sigh* We have sooo much work t
Einstein's Unfinished Symphony: Listening to the Sounds of Space-Time A fantastic look at the search for one of Einstein's predicted outcomes of general relativity - gravity waves. Well-written and entertaining, this was one of m
Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, And Other Confusions Of Our Time Ok, you've read this one, right? No? Well click the link, son! It's literally three clicks away from being delivered to your house! Get on your horse! Buy
Why Evolution Is True I'm reading this one next and am very excited about it. You should be too. As excited as if Motley Crue were going to play a private gig in your backyard.
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution I bought this one on audio, but whatever man. The book has pictures, and as we all know, skeptics and scientists love us some pictures. Great book, you should
Don't Get Fooled Again: The Sceptic's Guide to Life I'm reading this right now. Yes, as you read this blurb, I'm reading this book. It's great. Buy it now.
A Brief History of Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice Are you a woman? Do you like women? Would you like to know why religion blows dogs with respect to women? Buy this great under-rated book now.